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Koala Clip

Koala Clip

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The Koala Clip is a female runner's answer to the question - where do I store my phone? Armbands are cumbersome, waist belts bounce - The Koala Clip slips seamlessly inside the back of your sports bra and stays in place through a magnetic clip. The material is sweat and water resistant, phone is secured in pouch through a zipper closure, and material is machine washable. Pop the pouch and clip in place and run without interference or discomfort.

There are two sizes available: Medium and Large
Medium fits phones and cases up to 4" wide and 6" long
Large fits phones and cases up to 4.5" wide and 6.5" long

Below find size chart to help you identify right size to order.  Each measurement is listed and that corresponds to the width of the zipper opening and length of the pouch.  The following list is not comprehensive but based on best available information as of now. It will be updated on a regular basis.

koala clip size chart